semi truck accident attorney

How to Choose the Right Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

How to Choose the Right Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

semi truck accident attorney

With so many trucks on the road, there are a number of drivers each year that end up dealing with accidents. Roughly 5,000 people died in truck accidents in 2020. These cases often accrue large injury bills and property damage. To get help in this situation, you’ll need to hire the help of an experienced semi-truck accident attorney.

A lawyer can assist you because truck accident cases often involve complex details related to things like safety defects, weather conditions, and multiple parties liable. Choosing the best semi-truck accident attorney can help you unpack these details toward a favorable outcome.

These tips will help you know where to look when you need the help of a semi-truck accident attorney.


Start By Reading Online Reviews

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If you want to find the right lawyer to help with your semi truck accident case, make sure that you find one that is proven.

There are a variety of helpful review and information sites you can look into, including:

  • Google My Business
  • Your state’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) listings
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Avvo
  • Legal Match
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • NOLO

Listings like Google My Business and the BBB offer an accurate look at the company’s listed information, along with reviews from prior clients. Yelp is one of the best review sites available for all forms of business, and can offer leads on law firms.

Browsing the law firm’s Facebook business accounts allows you to gauge how they present themselves to the public and can provide an opportunity to get in touch directly via the chat feature.

Avvo,, Legal Match, Martindale-Hubbell, and NOLO are legal directories that you can use to find a lawyer and get answers to your questions.

Browse their scores with these sites, and make sure that the written statements left by customers show the personal injury lawyer to be trustworthy and credible.


Find Referrals and Check References

Since you have so many options for attorneys, make sure that you are thorough about vetting the law firm. Ask them to provide you with references from customers whose cases they have won or settled. Reach out to any references and ask questions about how their case was resolved, their expectations going in, and how the law firm was able to problem solve and push the case forward.

Speak to other accident victims who have dealt with the legal implications in the past. You can also consult the American Trucking Association (ATA) resources to see if they have leads on lawyers in your area that they approve of.


Schedule Some Consultations

After checking references, reading online reviews, and doing background research into a law firm’s previous cases, it’s time to schedule some consultations. Reach out to the law firm and find out whether their consultations are free or whether they charge.

Prior to the consultation, they’ll typically have you fill out a form describing the accident and everything that happened. This information will help them direct you to the ideal lawyer at the firm to talk to.

During the consultation, you will be asked several details about the case and can get your questions answered. Some questions you should come prepared with include:

  • What strategy will you employ based on my situation?
  • How much money do you think my case is worth?
  • What sorts of cases do you usually represent?
  • Which lawyer at the firm will be my primary point of contact?
  • Should I go to court or settle my case?
  • What role will I play while the case is going on?
  • How much do you charge for representation?

Schedule however many consultations you need with a few law firms. Compare the advice they give about your case to see which makes the most sense for your needs. Glean as much insight from them as you need to feel comfortable having the firm represent you.


Compare Attorney Fees

Finding out how much a lawyer charges for their services is one of the most important questions that you’ll need to ask. During the consultation, ask the lawyer about their fee structure and figure out which attorney is the most affordable.

Some of the fee structures that attorneys work under include:

Contingency Fees

When your lawyer operates under a contingency fee, it means that they will collect a percentage of your payment once the case is complete. These fees are generally about 30%.

Some law firms that charge contingency fees will still charge the clients the court costs if they lose the case. Others operate under no-win, no-fee agreements.

Hourly Rates

Some personal injury attorneys charge by the hour. Lawyers who charge by the hour will bill you regularly so that you know how much you’re paying.

They’ll bill you for sessions and anytime they’re actively working on your case.

Flat Rates

Other lawyers charge a flat rate for their services. You’ll know in advance how much you’re paying and can enter payment plans to handle the balance.

When comparing attorney fees, make sure to ask if things like court costs are charged to the client.

Figure out what fee structure works best for you as you find the most capable lawyer available.


Experience With Truck Accident Cases

It’s essential that the personal injury lawyer you hire has experience with truck accident cases. The trucking industry is subject to different regulations and terms, which a lawyer must be familiar with.

The various types of hazards that a truck brings about also make for more substantial injury and vehicle damage. Ask your lawyer about the truck accident cases they have tried to get a feel for their ability to represent your case.


Ask About Trial Experience

Most truck accidents or other personal injury cases are settled. However, you need an attorney with trial experience, who can help you if this is the necessary way to resolve your case.

Having a lawyer seasoned, skilled, and willing to go to court can even help you with a settlement. The other party will be less likely to offer an unfair settlement if they know your attorney is willing and able to take it to court.

Any lawyer that you work with should be diligent about quantifying your damages and injuries and working toward a resolution. Choose a lawyer that can give you clear, transparent answers related to your economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages refer to any damages that are verifiable that can be quantified. Some of your economic damages will include things like the cost of your medical bills, recovery, and fixing or replacing your truck.

Non-economic damages are subject to losses that you suffered in the accident. These can include things like pain and suffering and mental anguish.

Consider the nature of your semi truck accident injury to figure out what kind of lawyer you should hire. Many people deal with back pain and injuries after a semi-truck accident. Others deal with things like traumatic brain injury (TBI). Find a lawyer who specializes in the kind of injuries you have so that you can get sound advice.


Find the Best Semi Truck Accident Attorney

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A semi-truck accident attorney will be your most important resource when you need help with your case. Use the tips above so that you understand how to make the right choice.

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